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The Australian Dog Tags are made of (oxidised) blackened Brass, they come with a nickel chain set (one 'long' 60cm and one 'short' 10cm chain)
  • Australian ID tags 2 Sets, FREE SILENCERS

    Australian ID tags 2 Sets, FREE SILENCERS
    Price: $59.90(inc. GST)

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    Product Information:

    2 Sets of Australian Dog Tags plus FREE Silencers.

    Made of blackened (oxidised) Brass. There are 5 lines of information, each line can be embossed with 10 characters only. Australian Defence Forces require, in order the following information: 1. Nation e.g. 'AS' (previously 'AUST'), 2. Service No., 3. Initials and Surname, 4. Religion, 5. Blood Group. However, you can have any information you wish. They include a set of nickel chains (one long 60cm and one short 10cm chain) and FREE silencers for both sets

    The Silencers stop the 'clinking' between the tags, they come in black rubber only.

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